This company with more than 13 years’ experience tries to spread hygienic custom and giving service in case of public use of toilets. The Tamiz Gostar company foundation was back to 2000, the founders were Mr. Reza Azima, Mr. Mohammad Reza Alipour, Mr. Akbar Rajabi Mashhood and Mr. Farzad Shirzadi. The name of the company is based on our motto, which means:
“Our thought, to spread hygiene and cleanness all over the world”
More than 13 years activity, we could deliver and perform our products and services in a large aria of the country by the significant efforts of our capable staffs and expert employees.
Nowadays, we could find our products in the furthest parts of the country, from the North to the South, and from the west to the East.
This company through making products; such as luggage holders, Firoozeh model of coat hanger and also pressing tab for detergent substances has provided very good and high quality of products and equipment for many administrative and educational centers, with due for attention to co-operating with some reliable factories and manufacturers so at the present, we work as one of the biggest supportive company to these centers.
We are expecting our customers to help us by their good advice and suggestions.
We are proud of proclaim that one of our luggage holder’s model (one of the company’s exclusive products) has been designed due to an idea by one of our respectable customers at university.
Some of our goals are presenting a high standard and good quality of products, to do business in an honestly and right way and finally, dealing based on common profits of customer and company. Therefore, we have asked our staffs and salespersons to explain and describe our services and products’ particulars and capacities truly; meanwhile, they do belief in their sales’ goods, themselves.
Most of our customers are places such as schools, universities, mosques, holy places, factories and governmental offices. But we have also succeeded to give services to some other smaller centers and persons.
The honorable members of the company’s managing council and present partners are Mr. Akbar Rajabi Mashhood, Ali Ajorloo, Ali Rezapour and Reza Azima. At present the company is directed by Mr. Reza Azima as head manager.